In 15 minutes I can: do dishes, vacuum the downstairs, scrub the tub, start a load of laundry, read a chapter in a book, feed the dogs, sort the mail, get dinner in the oven, make my bed. The list goes on and on. Why do I share with you what I can do in 15 minutes, because time management is a very important skill in today's world. If you don't manage your time it will manage you. So often I hear students say they don't have time to do worksheets or study or read at home. If you want to reach your educational goals it is very imporant that you make time outside of school to learn. I really believe that if you comit 15 minutes a day outside of class to learning it will shorten the time needed to reach your goal.

So, what can you do in 15 minutes?
Simplify your life. Once you have set your goal and have committed to it then you must work towards your goal. The point of today's tip is about not letting clutter of any sort keep you from reaching your goal. Everything you do should be a step towards reaching your goal. A simple example of this would be to do dinner dishes immediately after you finish dinner. If you don't it will be in the back of your mind that you need to do them and take some of your focus off your goal.

The way I handle this-I have a rule of three D's. DO IT, DELEGATE IT, OR DELETE IT. Handle a chore, a piece of mail, an assignment, or life crisis only once. Do it, delegate it, or delete it. Get things off your plate as soon as possible.

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Today I am reading 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself by  Steve Chandler. Today's tip: Stay Hungry. The point the author is making is that it is important to have goals and visualize yourself reaching those goals. To help myself stay focused on my goals I use the SMART analogy.

If you would like a SMART worksheet, just let me know.


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