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As the month of March quickly approaches we look forward to the coming of  spring, and with that the approaching spring break. Not long after break we will begin preparing in earnest for the upcoming commencement.  Numerous students have successfully passed the General Education Diploma (GED) test this school year. There are still several test scheduled throughout March, April, and May. If it is your goal to earn your GED this school year, there is still plenty of time to do so. If you are unsure of the steps you need to complete to take your GED test, speak with any of the Mansfield City Schools ABLE employees. All faculty, staff, and administration members can guide you in the GED process.

To those of you that have successfully passed your GED test--Congratulations.  I am looking forward to celebrating your success with you at commencement. You should recieve information regarding the ceremony, in the mail, around mid-spring. Please plan on attending, along with family. This is a great celebration and it wouldn't be complete without you.



It is great to see everyone so excited to be reading  Dracula. I am amazed by the number of students that have admitted to enjoying the book.  What do you want to read next? All suggestions will be considered.

A New Start


After a few weeks off, tomorrow will bring a new start to your educational journey. All new starts are exciting, an opportunity to begin anew. I have some exciting lesson plans for the next six weeks. In Reading we will be reading and completing activites on a great American classic: The Scarlet Letter by Nathan Hawthorne. This is a story set in Boston in the 1750's and is about the sin of a young Puritian woman and her punishment. A required PowerPoint can be viewed on the Reading, Social Studies, & Science web page.
On Thursday 6/9 we will be celebrating the end of a successful academic year. This celebration will include a pot-luck style picnic followed by fun and fellowship. This is a time to celebrate the academic accomplishments you have achieved this year. You must focus on the positive-remember you can't learn 12 years of education in a few months. Keep your focus on your progress. Celebrate that progress and enjoy some down time before we begin the next session on July 5.
On her farwell show last week, Oprah shared a quote she heard years ago from a guest. The quote: "Please be responsible for the energy you bring to this place." Oprah went on to explain that we are each responsible for our own energy. We are responsible for our own happiness. Truer words couldn't be spoken. No one is responsible for your actions and attitude except you. You can not  control other people, but you can control your reaction. Don't let others control you. Take charge of your life and be responsible for the energy you

Great Expectations


As a student you should have certain excpectations from me, your instructor. As your instructor, I have certain expectations from you, the student. I expect you to attend class as scheduled. I expect you to come to class on time and prepared.  I expect you to pay attention and participate in class. I expect you to do your best each and everyday. I expect you to complete all assignments.  What do you expect from me?  What do you expect from yourself?  If I am not meeting your expections, please let me know. If you are not meeting my expectations, I will let you know. But more importantly, are you meeting your own expectations? If you are not meeting your own expectations, or if you have not established self-expectations, it is time to do some self-exploration. If you need help setting expectations or with self-exploration, I would be happy to help you.

I expec

Exciting Times


Congratulations to Jason Williams. Jason recently earned his GED. Not only did Jason earn his GED his artwork was selected to be on the front of Adult Literaracy annual publication of poems and stories. Also, one o Jason's poems will be included in the publication. A big pat on the back to Jason for a job well done.  The faculty and staf continue to work on plans for graduation, slated to be held Thursday, June 2.  Plans are also being made for the Thursday, June 9 end of year celebration. School will be on a 2 hour delay on 6/9/11-meaning all students should report at 10:30 a.m.  We will be holding an indoor picnic on this date. Students are asked to bring a covered dish to share (no  chips). Hotdogs, buns, and service will be provided.

As we near the end of the year, I have several students who are very close being ready to take their GED. If you feel you are ready and I have not talked to you about the test yet, please see me ASAP.  Have a great week!
Looking forward to giving the math test this week on Wednesday 5/11. Math group 2 has moved quickly though the packet and have seem to catch on rather well. I am anticipating a high passage rate. We will review on Monday and Tuesday in preperation for the test.  Reading class seems to be progressing quickly also, we are covering a great deal of information in a short amount of time.  Language class is also covering much information. If you are in my Language class, don't get discouraged if you are struggling to retain the information, we will be doing a review next week. With practice you will get it. 

Also, if you need additional help with any subject tutoring is availableTuesday and Thursdays after school until 2:00. You do not have to stay the entire time, it is more like an open lab. If you are interested in tutoring see Ms. Carmen.
Attended staff meeting yesterday at W 5th. yesterday. I always come away from our staff meetings excited and confused. We were making graduation plans-how exciting! It is so wonderful to be part of such a monumental  event for our students. I am also excited about some changes we are making in regards to paper work and tracking. This will give me a chance to use my Excel skills a bit, it will help us better serve you-the students. I also came away a bit confused as to who needs copies of what-in regards to student test/work, but Dee will get me straightened out.  This is an exciting time of year at W 5th! I hope you are feeling the excitement and I hope you have come back from spring break renewed and ready to learn.  If you are looking for the vocabulary words for the week of 5/2-5/5 please go to the Reading, Social Studies, & Science page! Enjoy your weekend-I'll see you on Monday


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